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    1. cement mixer manufacturer,tiller supplier,China cement mixer

      About Us

      T & U is the proud manufacturer and exporter of high quality portable cement mixers.
      Our 10,000 square meter manufacturing facility is in Laizhou City, Shandong province which is conveniently positioned only 100 klms from the shipping port of Qingdao.

      We have been producing high quality cement mixers for over 15 years so our designs are well proven and our staff members are well experienced. In 2010 we expanded our production lines to an annual capacity of 100,000 units ranging from 56lts up to 500lts.
      We also produce gardening machinery including our excellent rotary tiller.

      Our philosophy of “high quality provides maximum customer benefits” means that we want to partner with quality distributors who will work with us to produce even better products.

      Choose us, choose success.

      Featured Products

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