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Tips on Basic Watch Care

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Basic Watch CareTo make sure that your watch does not fade or lose it long term shine, you’ll need to take some precautions on how to maintain and care for your timepiece. Taking care of your watch really involves being careful and observant on some things like change in temperature, dust, liquid and sweat as it may cause your watch to misbehave. Lot of people sweat out to get best watches for under 1000 and above but have it die off just because of simple care and maintenance. On this article we will be highlighting some of the basic care your wrist watch needs to help render daily precision.

So below are some of the things you should note for your Basic Watch Care:

  • Cleaning – since your timepiece undergo daily use, you should bear in mind that it is prone to dust and other substances. So to be on the safe side, you’ll need to clean your watch by brushing the bracelet and other hidden areas with soapy water (make sure it’s water resistant) and use soft cloth to dry it up.
  • Chemical products – you’ll have to avoid direct contact of your watch with any chemical products such as, perfume, detergents, cosmetics etc. as they can damage the bracelet and other shiny part of your wrist watch.
  • Swimming – whenever you are done swimming with your watch, always remember to rinse your watch. This is very important because most cases you may be swimming in a salty water which without rinsing might cause rust and other damages to the watch.
  • Temperature – it is advisable to keep your timepiece off extreme temperatures like above 600C or 1400F and below 00C or 320F or more extreme temperature changes as it might cause your watch to malfunction.
  • Leather strap – if your watch comes with a leather strap, then this are the few things you must note to keep them sturdy for long. First and foremost, avoid contact with water or dampness as it might deform the strap and as well make it prone to infections. Secondly, avoid prolong exposure of the strap to sunlight to prevent the color from fading. Finally, avoid contact with greasy substance and cosmetics products and as well monitor your leather and know when it should be replaced.
  • Shock – stay off all manner of shocks and avoid placing your watch on electronic unit which is capable of generating magnetic field that might affect the watch.

Why basic watch care is necessary

Just as every other devices with mechanical functions, your timepiece just like your headphone needs regular or timely care to keep it ticking. What do you thing will happen to a car that lacks maintenance? It must certainly breakdown someday, but to avoid sudden breakdown of your watch you should care and maintain it by following the above steps. Also, if your watch needs special attention, make sure you contact authorize watch repairer for your watch matters. Because what keeps long lifespan to timepiece is how regular you take them for servicing and oiling necessary parts when necessary. Change your concept of handling your watch rough and give it attention by cleaning it at regular intervals.

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