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Bloons TD Battles HackBloons TD Battles is the first and amazing monkey to monkey strategy game developed by Ninja Kiwi. It is available on all mobile platforms Android, IOS, Ipad, Iphone, Windows and on PC.  It is a series in the Bloons Tower Defence.

It is a well-known online game due to it pleasant way of destroying flying balloon (bloons) from the weapon station. It is also challenging and requires you to use your brain and different strategies to out play your opponent and have better results.

It has the following amazing features and they are all you need in a strategy game

20 fantastic monkey towers, assault and defensive mode that help you build up your income and outplay your opponent with your superior defense, awesome battle; bloon power boost and you can also create and join private matches to challenge any of your Facebook friends

Bloons TD Battles Hack: Experience and more Medallions

However, like many other games, to unleash the full and real gaming experience, increase in rank and enjoy many of the game functions you have to accumulate enough points and money. But as a real gamer myself, I have put together a guide on Bloons TD battles hack that will explain how you can use the hack to access a lot of freebies on this game and take your gaming experience to an ultra-high level. You want to know how? Then follow this guide!

To ensure you have elated feeling while playing this game, the hack will do at least 5 amazing things for you. They include:

  1. Hacking Bloons speed: you need not worry about the speed of bloons from your opponent! With this cheat, you can control the speed of bloons and even stop them.
  2. Help to increase battle damage: If you desire your cannons to shoot faster and hit more targets at once, then this hack feature is what you need! With this, you can increase the number of targets per single shoot at any time.
  3. Bloons flight hack: This cheat will allow you to select the point where all the bloons you shoot will reach. This is an awesome feature for all high score lover
  4. Bloon Score saving hack: This comes handy to help manipulate your score. It is a pity when you get a top score, but unfortunately the connection gets lost, and you have to accumulate points again. Don’t worry about that, because with this score hack, your score is saved every 5 seconds, and you can reconnect, press a button, and you get all your scores comes back.
  5. Bloons unlimited weapon hack: This will make you have an unlimited arsenal of weapons and you can be able to fill your base with sophisticated weapons to oppress your challenger!

How to use Bloons TD Battles Hack

To use the online hack, go to any Bloons TD battle hack website, click on hack, log in with your username and password, fill security catchpa for verification and select the type of feature you want to hack and you’re done. For the mobile version for android user, you download the hack APK file and you follow the process explained earlier and you are just a click away from enjoying the game as much as you like.